About Dr. Rand

Dr. Marjorie Rand - Marriage Counseling

Dr. Marjorie Rand - Marriage Counseling - is a licensed Marriage, Family and Child therapist in three states and has been practicing psychotherapy for 37 years.

She is in practice in Manhattan Beach in the Southbay area of Los Angeles.

She has also taught graduate level psychology and trained professional psychotherapists in the U.S., Canada, Europe and Israel.

Dr. Rand specializes in marriage counseling, developmental psychology, pre and perinatal psychology (pregnancy, birth and bonding) and family therapy.

Dr. Rand is the author of three books, many published articles, and is a founding member of the United States Association of Body Psychotherapy. She is also a diplomate of the American Psychotherapy Association.

As well as being a family therapist, she is the mother of two, the stepmother of four, and the grandmother of four children (spanning ages 15 to 51). This has given her unique experience in working with issues of parenting, blended families, step parenting, family dynamics and relationships, be it between parents and children or spouses.

She believes her clients have the answers they need inside of them, and she gently guides them to a greater connection to their own inner knowing. With that internal connection to their sense of self, they can deal with their everyday problems of living. In these stressful and anxiety producing times, it is essential that we all learn to self regulate our nervous systems through mindfulness meditation and breathwork in order to function in a healthy way and strengthen our immune systems.

In the previous videos, Dr. Rand discusses pre-marital counseling, marriage counseling, pre-conception counseling, pre and peri-natal counseling, parenting and family relationships. She believes that prevention is always best, so she thinks couples should address issues before marriage and before conception. That way early relationship family patterns can be avoided before they are passed on.

Addressing traumatic early childhood developmental injuries before having children is preferable if possible, but it is never too late (no matter what age) to address these traumatic issues because the memories from early childhood are held in the body and can be accessed through the body.

She meets with the couple (or individual) and takes a very detailed multi-generational family history of relationships from each person. This allows both people to see the “baggage” both they and their partner are bringing to the relationship. This enables them to each take personal responsibility for their own patterns of relating and makes it much more difficult to project them on to their partner.

Most couples have problems with communication because they unknowingly trigger the other person’s injury. The communication stalls at this point because the partner immediately and unconsciously reacts with defensiveness. Understanding each other’s triggers goes a long way in preventing this infinite repetition of attack/defend, which never moves the communication forward.

Dr. Marjorie Rand - Marriage Counseling

The other part of getting out of the communication dilemma is to learn empathy and mirroring, sometimes called active listening. It simply means really understanding the other person and compassionately communicating that back. Both people need to learn to do that with each other. It takes a lot of mindfulness to not go into automatic reaction. That is the work.

"Until recently, no one has ever given us the tools and resources to deal with our personality differences, fears, emotions and how we react with one another.

We met Dr. Rand several weeks before our wedding and we now have a much more in depth understanding of one another - and how best to work together as a couple. Additionally, we are well equipped with an array of tools that will help us handle the many challenges marriage will bring.

I highly recommend Dr. Rand and her premarital counseling to all couples taking the steps towards marriage."

- K.R.